The Twin Of Twins

Curly and Tu Lox

The Twin Of Twins, Patrick 'Curly Lox' Gaynor and Paul 'Tu-Lox' Gaynor, are attempting to climb out of the underground. The identical twins launched their album Stir It Up Volume 5: Crucifiction of the Ghetto at the Village Caf¨¦, Liguanea, on Wednesday night.

The album is a comic satire which pokes fun at popular culture and current events. The two brothers have been enjoying some popularity borne by word of mouth from their last project, Lords of the Underground. Although the project was never released officially, it survived well, buoyed by the CD burning technology.

In keeping with their last project, the album features the twins imitating several popular figures. This time around they feature Mutabaruka, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Dear Pastor and Bob Marley. The album features 20 tracks, which hinge on a fictional radio interview interspersed with music.

Crucifiction of the Ghetto is produced by the twins, while mixed and recorded by Henry K. On Wednesday, rather than taking the opportunity to deliver a live performance, Patrick and Paul Gaynor decided to play parts of the CD.

However, when it was time to address the audience, Curly Lox's delivery came quite close to a live performance. For most of his speech he used the Mutabaruka sounding voice, though to accentuate particular points he would switch to other voices. Indeed, much of what he had to say was quite similar to the content of the CD, reflecting a very similar stance.

In explaining why the album was called Crucifiction of the Ghetto, Curly Lox meandered through a myriad of issues he claimed was causing the crucifixion of the ghetto. He stated that since the Shabba Rankin's breakthrough, uptown has latched on to dancehall as something viable, but seeks to "squeeze out the ghetto out of it". He cited the removal of 'claat' as an example of this.

From what was played at the launch Crucifiction of the Ghetto will need to be accompanied by multiple parental advisory stickers, especially as the Mutabaruka character uses a scorching number of expletives. Interestingly, the CD cover has two warning stickers. One warns of the explicit lyrics and the second warns 'Uptown' that 'Ghetto Content' is contained within. "Dis music need organisation of the ghetto artistes," Curly Lox argued. "Buju Banton alone cyaan dweet." From there he launched into the homosexuality issue and the recent persecution of dancehall by gay organisations.

In mid-tirade his phone rang. Curly Lox then took time out to tell the caller, whom he addressed as 'Howie', that the event had already started and then proceeded to hand the phone over to his brother. Without missing a beat, he re-launched into his lecture.

In keeping with The Village Caf¨¦'s presence in the middle of 'uptown', Curly Lox addressed his arguments directly to those present. Indeed, on the album Sean Paul, the poster boy for the success of the 'uptown' deejay, comes under direct attack.

It was therefore with a level of irony that the first song the house deejay selected, as soon as the official segment of the launch was finished was Sean Paul's Punkie.

About Us

Twin Of Twins


In the entertainment industry street credibility is the ultimate test for an artist, and the public's explosive reaction for the underground sensation known as "Twin of Twins" has been overwhelming. Their current CD "Stir it Up Vol. 5" "Crucifiction of the Ghetto" combines comedy, political satire, music and social commentary, from the point of view of a fictional radio broadcast and its guests. As the fifth volume of the series this innovative and well thought out dialogue includes voice impersonations of some of Jamaica's and the world's most colorful characters, such as Mutabaruka, Michael Jackson, R.Kelley, Bounty Killer, Beenieman and Bob Marley. It is currently the hottest record on the streets of Jamaica and can be heard on mini-buses, car radios in bars and restaurants.

The "Stir it Up" Series, is the brain child of identical twins Patrick "Curly Lox" and Paul "Tu-Lox" Gaynor, professionally known as "Twin of Twins." After spending the past decade as Jamaica's best kept secret, they are now getting the recognition they deserve as two of the Islands most talented individuals. With an array of skills, the brothers have written over a dozen hit songs for their friend Bounty Killer. Songs such as "Warlord Nuh Business," "Likkle Dread Boy," "Oh Come on Now," "Uptown Boy," and his current #1 hit "It's Ok." They have also penned lyrics for many of Jamaica's top talent including Beenieman, Elephant man, and Luciano.

"Stir it Up's" popularity clearly comes as a result of the Twin's ability to relate with ordinary people, at the same time as they demonstrate a complex understanding of the intricate political and social structure of Jamaica. The brothers do all this and still manage to be extremely funny, and at times reflective and poignant.

The past ten years have been a long journey for Curly Lox and Tu Lox and now they have achieved major stardom in Jamaica and the world. Although Stir it up Vol. 4 was never officially released, it manage to be the #1 burned CD in Jamaica and thousands of copies have been made from the unreleased original. In response for this demand "Twin of Twins" released Stir it up vol.5, "Crucifiction of the Ghetto" in December, 2004. The critical and commercial success of the CD, has been uncontrollable, and the Twins are now in the studio working on songs and material for their next CD. They have formed their own record label to produce/distribute their catalogue, and even though bootleggers continue to benefit from the hard work of the Twins, the album is still a best seller at many of the legitimate record shops.

As a result of their mother's determination and their older brothers encouragement The Twins were able to endure the violent cycle of ghetto life and pursue their god given talent to entertain. Even after being turned down by 28 different record producers and labels, they continue blazing their own path to stardom. Although they speak with 'many voices,' the reason Twins connect with such large audiences is because they speak with 'one voice.' Their true voice is the voice of the common man on the street asking honest questions and just wanting the dignity of a truthful answer.

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